On behalf of the Kale Heywet Church in North America (KHCNA), I would like to say welcome to our website. This is one of the ways we connect and communicate with one another. The Bible in Hebrews 10:24-25 says that we need to consider to motivate one another for love and good works, and it encourages us not to neglect the assembling of ourselves together as we see the day of the Lord approaching.

The vision of seeing the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) expanding its gospel ministry and influence outside Ethiopia was in the hearts and minds of the EKHC pioneer leaders for many years. This vision began to be seen in North America when EKHCLO was legally established in the United States in 2009. After four years, in 2013, EKHCLO organized the fellowship for KHC members who live in North America. In 2014, the first conference was held in Atlanta, GA. Since then, the conference continued annually for the fourth time in four different cities of the U.S.

God has repeatedly spoken in those conferences that we are sent by God to North America as messengers to share the gospel to all people and to plant churches. We are challenged that we have given much by God, and we have received the legacy from EKHC pioneer leaders to follow their example of proclaiming the gospel and planting churches wherever God put us. We should not imitate others to live a lifestyle of earthly comfort and safety for ourselves as people call it “The American dream;” instead, we are called to make a difference in the world in words and deeds.

Therefore, now is our time to shine the gospel. Let us pray together, encourage one another, and be engaged to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in North America and beyond.

The Gospel Wins!

Rev. Terefe Anshebo (Dr.)
General Secretary of Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church in North America

Chairman: Dr. Bekele Shanko
Vice Chairman: Pastor Asefa Alaro
General Secretary: Dr. Terefe Anshebo
Board Members: Dr. Bekele Shanko, Pastor Asefa Alaro, Pastor Suraj Ribo, Pastor Selamab Assefa, Mr. Desta Demissie, Mr. Ermias Lakew, Mr. Aklilu Amanuel, Pastor Ahmed Alla, and Dr. Terefe Anshebo

Local Churches: The KHCNA local churches exist to worship God, to make disciples, to share the gospel, and to plant churches. KHCNA has planted four churches in North America so far. These local churches of KHCNA are planted in Columbus, Maryland/Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Charlotte. All of them were small churches when they were planted, but gradually, they are growing in number and in ministry as well. Some of them even praying to plant another local church in the neighboring cities.

Prayer and Care: The KHCNA prayer and care department would mobilize and facilitate the weekly telephone prayer on Saturday nights, and attempt to offer spiritual, emotional, social and financial support as needed. There are about twenty people on average are attending the weekly telephone prayer meeting every Saturday evening. The phone number for the telephone prayer is 1-641-715-3610 and the pass code is 862-594. The program starts at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time Standard, which is 8:00 p.m. Central and 6:00 p.m. Pacific.

Evangelism, Discipleship, and Church Planting: This department emphasizes on sharing the gospel to others, making disciples and planting churches in North America and around the world. EKHC is known for reaching unreached people with the gospel and planting churches in all over Ethiopia. This legacy of the founding pioneer church fathers of EKHC continued with KHCNA.

Finance and Administration: This department would prepare a yearly budget, handle financial transactions, and prepare monthly financial statements. • Resource Development: This department would mobilize members to be engaged to support the KHCNA ministry, recruit ministry partners for KHCNA and find financial resources. • Women, Youth and Children: This department would engage women, youth, and children in ministry.

Media and Communications: This department would facilitate communications through the social media.

Conference and Fellowship: This department plans and prepares annual conferences and fellowships. In the past four years, annual conferences were conducted in four different cities in the U.S. The first conference was held in Atlanta, the second one in Washington D.C., the third one in Houston, and the fourth one in Kansas. The number of people who attended the conference increased in each year. Many people from many states of the U.S. and Canada attended the conferences. God used the annual conference to encourage one another, to have fellowship with one another, and to be challenged and also engaged in global missions.